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Vim Tips

2 years ago

Vim Tips This post is a aggregate of tips that I get it from vim The ideal world of VIM The ideal is one keystroke to move and one keystroke to execute. VIM are optimized to repetition with dot . keystroke, most of the commands that we are used to do in other text editors is not optimized for repetit... read more

Node Core - Overview Libuv P1

2 years ago

Node Core: Overview P1 Esse post é somente para explicar o funcionamento da concorrência no NodeJS, mais especificamente a Libuv Async O NodeJS usa o libuv como gerenciador de async i/o. O Event Loop é sim Single Thread, porém, o libuv contem 4 Threads iniciais em seu pool. Ou seja, se fizermos 1 cha... read more